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First time home buyer or investor? I can help! Every purchase is slightly different but these steps are the general process.  Best part, using a Realtor is FREE when buying.  (sellers pay the commission fees).

8 Steps to Owning a Home

1. Mortgage Pre-Approval

Meet with your bank or a Mortgage Broker to determine what you qualify for. I can connect you with a great broker if you need one.

3. Start Viewing Houses. The Fun Part!

I'll set up a search to send you properties that fit your desired criteria. We can look at as many as you need.

5. Conditions Period

This is generally 1-2 weeks and gives you time to get the property inspected and get final mortgage approval.

7. Set Up Utilities

This includes Electricity, Gas and Water but don't forget cable, mail and any alarm or waste removal services ect ect.

2. Sign Agreement With REALTOR

This outlines our responsibilities to each other and time frame.

4. Submit an Offer

When you find the right place, We'll put in an offer. This will include the proposed possession day, sale price and conditions.

6. Lawyer Stuff

Once an offer is accepted, you need to contact a real estate lawyer to do all the legal paperwork.

8. Possession day!

We meet at your new home and I give you the keys!

Download this PDF for a more detailed buying guide.

Click here for your own personalized home search.

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