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Thinking of selling?  I would love to help! Here are the basic 6 steps to selling a property.

6 Steps to Selling

1. Home Evaluation (FREE)

This is also known as a CMA or “Comparative Market Analysis”. I will use a number of factors such as sq. footage, year built, number of bathrooms, ect, and compare with similar homes in the community to come up with an educated value of your home.   Once I complete this, I will share with you the comparable properties and explain exactly how I came up with the amount.  I am also happy to share any suggestions I may have to help improve the value before selling. (See tips below for a general list)

3. Professional Photos & 3D Tour (FREE)

Good photos are crucial! Even an amazing house can look bad online if the photos are junk. It's one of the first impressions someone has on your home. The better the photos look, the better chance someone will book a viewing.   If you use me to list your house, this is a service that I pay for. No extra cost to you. As well, I always get a 3D tour done with photos. This is something that most buyers love as they can get an even better feel for the house. I say "free" because even if your house doesn't sell or you decide to take it off the market, I will never back charge for photos or marketing costs. I only get paid a commission if the house sells.

5. Negotiate Sale

Now that people are viewing your property you should eventually get an offer. Generally the initial offer is low, so we will negotiate back and forth until you agree on a price and possession date. This is one of my favourite parts. I love to negotiate on your behalf and fight to get you the best deal.

2. Sign Agreement With REALTOR

​If you want to list your property and have it marketed world wide on, you will have to sign a contract called a "Seller Representation Agreement". This contract will outline the agents legal responsibilities, our fees, and the details of the home being sold. The general fee across the majority of real estate brokerages is 3.5% of the first $100k and %1.5 of the remaining balance for each agent involved (buying and selling). I fully understand this can seem like a lot but I want to be upfront. Please don't let this deter you until you speak with me first and I can further explain the commission structure.

4. Market Home

As a licensed real estate agent I can get your listing marketed on and across every MLS search. I make sure to write a professional description of your home.  Being listed professionally through will guarantee you significantly more views than trying to sell through Facebook market place or Kijiji. Be prepared to keep your house clean and be ready to leave for showings. (you can stay, but its recommended you give the interested buyers some space). Don't worry though, anyone going to view your property will be accompanied by a licensed Realtor.

6. Contact Lawyer

When your house sells, and all the purchase agreements are signed, you will need to contact a lawyer who practices real estate law to handle all the paperwork and transfer of funds. (You can expect to pay around $1500 for this)

Tips To Increase House Value

These are some examples on how to raise the value of your home and get you a faster sale. The goal is to make your house "pop". Sometimes its the small things that can make your home stand out over the competition. 

Tidy Up

Simple: Clean up. Put the kids toys away, fluff the pillows, make the beds and vacuum. Some people can't see past a messy house. 


If your home is vacant, hiring stagers to bring in art and furniture can drastically improve the photos & viewing experience.

Improve Curb Appeal

This is the first impression people have. Mow the lawn, trim the trees, shovel the snow.  Have a welcoming front entry.  For the extra money, a new front door can really make the house pop.


Every house is different but generally kitchens & bathrooms will be the most attractive upgrades for buyers. As well energy efficient window.


Fresh modern paint and patched walls can make a huge difference. This can also include the exterior stucco. However, not all DIY paint jobs look good so consider hiring a pro.

DIY Upgrades

Maybe you don't have the time or money to do a full kitchen reno. But small upgrades like light fixtures and modern led bulbs can help as well. 

Modern House

Free Home Evaluation

Wanting a market evaluation? Fill out this form and I'll get back to you shortly. 

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